Philip Allen

Philip Allen
Name: Phil Allen
Position: Studio Director
Role: Drupal UX Design Consultant
Favourite CMS: Drupal
Favourite Website:
Why: The guy is a legend, the site is packed really useful stuff, and it’s built in Drupal by a great team in the States.
Best part of my job: Seeing the smile on clients’ faces when they see conversion rate metrics for their sites.
Biggest challenge: Hippos
Team: The ‘Baggies’

Phil is D. Agency’s founder and Director. He has a vision to create one of the UK’s leading Drupal Development agencies by building awesome websites that audiences find irresistible to use.

His whole career has been spent in marketing and business development, serving as a Director to PLC level before launching his own enterprises.

Phil started working in Digital over 16 years ago, and has developed a deep level of experience regarding digital strategy, website systems and online marketing.

He’s an avid Blogger and regularly contributes interesting articles that people can use to enhance their knowledge.

His influence on the agency focus is plain to see – Phil believes that audiences should enjoy a compelling online experience wherever they search, and this can only be achieved with websites that put the customers needs before the organisation’s wants.

Philip Allen - Boscombe Beach

It’s common sense really, which is why the part of the job he finds most challenging is having to help HIPPOS (highest paid persons opinions), because if more website owners discovered the truth behind what their customers really want, then the world would be a better place because more website experiences would be relevant.

Philip Allen - 'Stokesy'

Luckily for Phil, the dynamic in web is changing fast with the evolution of the customer centric philosophy and inbound marketing as a strategy is gaining momentum.

That’s why the Drupal CMS is Phil’s weapon of choice – it provides all the scalability, flexibility and ‘super-engagement’ potential needed to help clients win the conversion rate battle.

When he’s not deep into UX working on rapid prototypes and leading focus sessions, he’ll be ripping into barrels off Boscombe Beach (in his dreams), tearing around with his lunatic Springer Spanie ‘Stokesy’, or combining the two by taking a long paddle on a SUP with Stokesy on the front.

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