Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes
Name: Paul Barnes
Position: Senior Developer
Role: Drupal Designer, Themer & Site builder
Favourite CMS: Drupal
Favourite Website:
Why: Shows the full potential of a Drupal commerce website with stunning imagery/video and multi-linual to boot. 
Best part of my job: Seeing the positive change that a well-planned website makes to a business.
Biggest challenge: Delivering a fantastic UX from start to finish across the range of devices from desktop to mobile.
Team: ‘Saints’

Paul is D. Agency’s Designer & Senior Developer. He is a key team member in the planning and design of all D.'s top websites whilst also Drupal themes and site-builds to boot.

Early on, Paul swapped studying Architecture to pursue his greater passion for a more broad ranging creative design career.

Having attained a first class honours degree in Multimedia Design at Southampton, he has been building on his extensive knowledge and commercial experience for the last 15 years.

Paul is an avid Blogger and regularly contributes visually-rich articles that our clients, and the public in general, can use to understand the more technical aspects of what can often be a jargon-filled industry.

He shares in the driving D. Agency ethos, striving to deliver an engaging user experience, whatever the project and thrives on the daily challenges our industry throws up.

“It’s been interesting to see how the challenge of delivering content to users has changed over such a short time, and continues to change more than ever.”

“Responsive design has been a huge hurdle recently, prompting a revolution of thought in how we present online information for the constant proliferation of device types, in all their shapes and sizes. As a result, the online user continues to profit from the continually pushed boundaries with an ‘Everything, anytime, anywhere’ culture.”

Paul Barnes Hiking in Cumbria

Unusually, Paul’s skills span the creative/technical divide. Coming from a design background, Paul is more than happy to go off-piste and into coding territory. He currently see’s D.s projects evolve through from planning to design, to Drupal theming, to initial Drupal site-building.

Paul Barnes Skiing

When taking a well-earned break from the monitor, Paul can be found up a mountain. An annual autumnal trip to the Cumbria peaks, hiking with friends is both an anticipated and a revered one, typically coinciding with the most severe weather of each year.

Paul can also be found up overseas mountains, attempting to ski. He’s working his way up to the full-blown designer cliché of snowboarder but he’s still a few years off, with his wobbly pins. In the mean time, he covers up his embarrassing ski technique by dressing up in Star Wars garb. Note the pic on the left: Paul[Han-Solo] in the French Alps[Hoth].

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