D. Agency Drupal Architect one of the first to achieve Acquia Certified Developer status

Paul Querol Acquia Certified Drupal Developer

Our congratulations go out to Senior Drupal Architect Paul Querol, after he achieved Acquia Certified Developer status in the first week of the launch.

This world-class certification program is designed to help organisations such as D. Agency establish a leadership position in the Drupal community by encouraging the achievement of excellence as part of a wider CPD program.

“The testing process was as hard as I expected, but I was really pleased to pass, especially with such a high mark”, say’s Paul.

“It’s a highly worthwhile initiative and I have recommended we encourage other members of the team to take this on.”

Acquia Certification validates the candidate’s skills and knowledge that focus on open source web development and Acquia products and services.

Studio Director Phil Allen claims: “Acquia Developer Certification fits excellently with our company’s focus on C.A.N.I., the Demming principles of constant and never ending improvement.”

“We congratulate Acquia on creating this highly valuable certification program and look forward to helping additional team members take part.”

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