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Internships….the foundation to a successful career

Finding work, as a fresh graduate can be a real challenge, and even with our brand new glowing qualifications, we do not have any real work experience, which is what most employers are looking for. Yet to get this experience you must find a job!

This is one of the biggest stresses of entering the big bad world … but for every stressful situation there will be a solution. And my solution to this problem was finding my internship with D. Agency.

I believe Internships are majorly underrated, as they are often stigmatized with being the office slave and completing all the jobs the other staff do not want to do. However since starting my internship at D.Agency this has not been the case for me at all.

From day one all the staff were very welcoming and made me feel part of the team, and throughout the week I felt like I had gained exposure to real world problems and oversaw issues that were never found in my textbooks; and I probably learnt a lot more than I ever have in a whole university semester.

Internships….the foundation to a successful career

In addition, my boss Phil is one of the best bosses I have ever had, he has taken me under his wing and filled my brain with facts about marketing that will definitely become valuable to my future career. Working in an agency environment with a small team is also very stimulating, despite everyone working very hard the atmosphere is calm, laidback and pro active (Which is ideal for your first proper job).

I am currently working towards a marketing qualification, which is strengthening my knowledge in Google Ad Words, benchmarking and how to write a detailed digital marketing plan. This qualification is a great exchange of service and experience between myself and D.Agency as I am building upon my experience ,while D. Agency is receiving a brand new digital marketing plan.

Moreover, the pinnacle of your undergraduate education gives you the chance to use the skills you learnt from studying in a real-world setting. I definitely think internships deserve more credit than they are currently accounted for, and the Bournemouth University and Santander partnership is a fantastic scheme to help students find a paid internship to kick-start their career.

I love what I do so far as an intern and I am excited and eager to come to work every day to learn more and work with such talented and bright people. My internship has already showed me this is the career path I would like to take and from here I plan to go onwards and upwards.

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